Buying a new home that needs to be finished first before we move in, may turn out to be an intensive and time consuming process, that can provide a lot of stress. By using our services, you entrust the renovation works to our specialists and enjoy your turn key ready home in no time. We work with suppliers, supervise construction and coordinate all activities on site so that your home is ready to move in when you need it. Doing renovations has never been so easy and pleasant. If you cannot decide which interior design you are interested in – our specialists will provide advice and help you pick the best one for you.

With our turn-key packages you always get:

  • Professional help in choosing the interior design.
  • Deadlines and cost set in advance in the contract.
  • Choice of all finishing materials in one place.
  • Professional construction team with supervision.
  • Time and money saving.
  • Warranty for finishing materials and finishing works.
  • Save 15% on TAX VAT for finishing materials.

The final stage of preparing your home for moving in can be simple and enjoyable. Here's how we work step by step.

We carry out the construction works

You receive the keys to your finished home


Our basic interior turn-key finishing package, which is most often chosen by clients who are looking for an economical solution to do the fit out works so their new apartment is ready to move in. With low costs, but maintaining the high quality of materials, it is also an ideal solution for apartments purchased for investment purposes like renting out.


In this package, you will find an increased choice of finishing materials, so that the final interior design best suits your expectations. In our showroom, during the meeting with our designer, you can choose the most appropriate finishing style for your home. Then once you approve the project, our construction team will take care of the construction works.

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In this package, you will find an increased choice of finishing materials, so that the final interior design best suits your expectations. In our showroom, during the meeting with our designer, you can choose the most appropriate finishing style for your home. Then once you approve the project, our construction team will take care of the construction works.


Our premium package to satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients. In this package you will not only get the largest selection of effective finishing materials and a wide range of wall colors, but also more meetings with the interior designer, more visualizations of the bathroom and a fully finished kitchen. We will help you choose the lighting and we will also help you choose free-standing furniture for your home. You save time and get the best value for money.


Comprehensive interior finishing

When buying a new apartment or house in a developer state, the interior finishing is the final stage of preparing it into a ready-to-move-in home. Many individual investors and real estate developers perceive this process as very time-consuming and requiring good team organization, as well as constant control over the effects of work. The Home Planer turn-key packages will fully free you from these issues. By cooperating with us, you gain a turn-key interior finish and we take care of all the construction and installation works making it a hassle free process for you.

The basic finishing works included in each package are laying the floor, painting the walls, installing plumbing fixtures, ceramics and tiles in the bathroom, as well as mounting internal doors. Interiors with this basic finish are ready to move in without any additional financial outlays.

At Home Planer, we are aware of how complex process it is to do the interior finishing works. Therefore, already at the stage of preliminary negotiations, we offer advisory assistance in the selection of materials and optimal space management. We always take into account client’s expectations and the available budget to best match your needs.

Turn-key finishes – is it a solution for you?

The housing market in Poland is divided into primary and secondary. The purchase of an apartment or house on the primary housing market and associated with it advantages, like new building or the guarantee granted for it, provides a lot of appeal to the clients. However, many clients are terrified by the vision of many months spent on finishing works, that are necessary to make the apartment suitable for living. Also let’s be honest – not everyone has time for this. Therefore, the turn-key finishing packages are an ideal solution for private clients, as well as for the real-estate developers.

The real estate developers have noticed great potential in selling finished, ready to move in apartments. We propose cooperation on transparent and attractive terms. Our renovation teams have extensive experience, and the designers will quickly prepare the necessary interior design plans. As an investor, you will gain an advantage over your competition and the opportunity to offer apartments that do not require additional input of time and money. The Home Planer interior finishing packages are ultimately an interesting proposition for real estate development companies, as they allow them to diversify their offer and reach out to new clients groups.

If you have purchased an apartment or house in a developer state, then before you can move in, you first need to carry out all the finishing works. Hence the turn-key packages prove to be an excellent optimal solution for
individual clients as well.

Home Planer team will guide you through the entire process, eliminating the need to organize many construction teams by yourself. Our offer for comprehensive interior finishing means that we will carry out all the works from the beginning to the very end and you will receive fully prepared interiors, refined to the smallest detail, in accordance with your vision and needs.

Home Planer is your partner in performing all kinds of finishing works. Painting, electrical installations, plumbing, floor laying, bathroom installations – with us you get everything done from one place. We take pride in our reliability, timeliness and thorough technological knowledge. We provide solutions that are economical, durable and visually effective.

Turn-key Interior finishing – Home Planer turn-key packages

All interior finishing works are carried out in accordance with the specifications of our three turn-key packages: Home Start, Home Comfort, and Home Top. They differ in price range and scope of services, however all of them in the end will make your home suitable for living in a few weeks time.

The Home Start package is perfect for apartments or houses bought for residential or investment purposes. If you would like to keep the interior finishing expenses low, we encourage you to take a closer look at it. This package includes, among others, painting of the walls with Dulux paint in the color of your choice, installation of floor tiles and toilet fittings, embedding of internal doors, bathroom fittings, as well as two meetings with the interior designer to discuss the finishing details or introduce corrections to existing ones. From the very beginning, you have a clear insight into how your apartment will look and the costs associated with the finishing works and materials.

The Home Comfort package is in the middle range price and includes more options to choose from than the basic Home Start package. For example, the catalog has an extended choice of finishing materials. Moreover, we prepare with you an interior design of the entire apartment and you will receive a visualization of how the bathroom will look like. Also, during
the included three meetings with the interior designer, you can together plan out your dream home. In addition, we will help you choose the lighting for the entire apartment, so that it harmonizes with the furniture and the chosen color palette. This package also includes a wide selection of vinyl or wooden floor panels, which show excellent mechanical strength and unique aesthetics.

Last but not least is the Home Top package, which is our finest offer for comprehensive interior finishing. With this service, on top of all the works included in the previous packages, you receive professional help with selection of free-standing furniture for the entire apartment, finished bathroom with wall tiles up to 260 cm, a selection of floor tiles in the kitchen and corridor, as well as, four meetings with the interior designer. What is more, you will also get two bathroom visualizations included in the interior design project. The Home Top package stands out with a wide selection of high end materials, that translate into better conservation and aging conditions.

If you are a real estate developer who wants to build their reputation on providing clients with apartments of the highest standard, Home Top package is the offer for you. At the same time it is also a perfect proposal for individual clients who want to ensure excellent comfort and optimal interior design, which they will enjoy for many years to come.

Why is it worth having one interior finishing team?

At Home Planer we take care of the entire process of finishing your apartment or house, so it is ready to move in at agreed time. Our designers prepare the interior design project for you and then our experienced supervised construction team implements each task in accordance with the design and the signed contract.

By signing a turnkey finishing contract with us, you have all the deadlines and the total costs guaranteed. The final price is calculated per square meter, depending on the selected package. You not only have access to all materials in one place, but also in case of any doubts our specialists are ready to help at every stage of the process. Our experience and thorough knowledge of the finishing materials market means that, as an investor, you can be sure that you will have the optimal quality and standards available. Additionally, a technical guarantee covers each stage of finishing works, together with the materials used. Thanks to Home Planer, finishing interiors, becomes a quick and pleasant process. We take the stress out of organizing renovation works by providing proven and budget friendly solutions.