You cannot decide which tiles will fit your bathroom best or which type of floor panels to choose? Learn more about our turn-key interior finishing packages. Each of them includes a wide selection of materials and professional fit out services. Can't make up your mind? We will help you choose the best solutions tailored to your budget and needs.


The basic turnkey interior finishing package, which is most often chosen by clients who are looking for an economical solution to efficiently and professionally finish their apartment so in short time it is ready to move in. Also, repeatedly chosen as an investment package, that perfectly prepares the apartment for rent.


A turnkey interior finishing package for clients who expect ultimate comfort in their interiors. This package includes an increased choice of high-quality materials that ensure excellent functionality of the premises and various stylistic variants to choose from.


This package contains an extended choice of finishing materials, so that the final result best suits your expectations. It includes meetings with our interior designer, who will assist you in choosing the best style of finishing for your home. Once you approve the design project, our construction team will take care of the rest of the finishing process.


A finishing package designed for clients who value above-average interior aesthetics. This premium package provides access to a wide range of selected exquisite materials, giving a full scope of interior design options. Projects made under this package are characterised by an effective design and an original approach to proposed solutions.

The costs of the turn-key packages

Turn-key interior finishing is without doubt a complex process involving many stages. Individual clients often resign from buying apartments or houses in a developer standard, because they fear the long and costly interior finishing process. Thanks to the Home Planer services, you do not have to give up on owning an apartment from the primary housing market, even if you do not have the time or budget to organize several finishing teams. We are a company that provides a comprehensive approach to interior finishing process. Our turn-key packages offer three price levels, so that everyone can find a suitable solution for their budget.

On top of that, the housing market in Poland experiences regular increases in prices due to the inflation of building materials. Despite this, at Home Planer we keep the client’s costs at a reasonable level. Home Planer offer is very attractive in terms of costs and services included, compared to other companies offering interior finishing in Warsaw. At the time of signing the contract, all costs are fixed and will not change throughout the finishing process. For each project, we offer individual prices, calculated per square meter of the premises according to the package of your choice.


Turn-key finishing packages for houses and apartments


If you are looking for the most economical way to finish your apartment, but not at the cost of compromising the quality of materials, the Home Start package is for you. The Home Start package among other services, includes painting of walls and ceilings. The ceiling white color and up to three walls in any color. We use Dulux paints for this, distinguished by an excellent price- quality ratio. It also includes bathroom finishing; laying the floor and wall tiles, as well as full installation of the toilet and other bathroom fittings. Included as well is the arrangement of panels and floor strips. The finishing packages differ in the number of meetings with designers and assistance in the selection of lighting and furniture. Home Start package includes 2 meetings with the designer and assistance in choosing a lighting system for the bathroom.

Home Comfort package is in the middle range price, in which you get painting ceilings white with Tikkurila paint, and in addition you can choose different color of the walls in each room to suit your needs. In the bathrooms the wall tiles are layed up to 240 cm high. In the lobby, instead of laminate flooring, you’ll get Baldocer, Cicogres, Overland, or Blizzard tiles. Home Comfort finishing package also provides additional bathroom visualization and professional help in choosing lighting for the entire apartment.

The Home Top package offers the highest standard of finishing. It is an offer for developers or individual clients who are looking for perfect comfort and style. Home Top provides premium materials that are distinguished not only by their appearance but above all by their longevity. In this package, you get a selection of lighting and free-standing furniture for the entire apartment, and up to 4 meetings with the designer to help you create the best interior project for you.


What are the advantages of turn-key packages?


At Home Planer we offer three interior finishing packages: Home Start, Home Comfort and Home Top, each tailored to provide optimal turnkey fit out services.

Thanks to the comprehensive implementation of finishing works by one construction team, you gain huge savings in time and money. At Home Planer, we guide the client through the entire interior finishing process, offering professional assistance at every step. Great advantage of this solution is that in one place you have access to the wide selection of materials avoiding the time consuming travel to different construction shops. Deadlines are guaranteed in the contract, therefore you know in advance when you will be able to move into your new home. We provide warranty for each stage of finishing works and all materials used in this process. The price of Home Planer finishing packages also includes several meetings with designers, thanks to whom you can plan the final look of your home. With us, your interiors will undergo an amazing metamorphosis, meanwhile eliminating the stress associated with searching for different construction teams and materials on your own.